Re-energise your hair With Keune

Re-energise your hair With Keune

Quality Products for Healthy Hair

Hair Associates understands how integral quality products are to creating and maintaining your unique style. That’s why we love Keune. Not only does it deliver beautiful looking strands, it also prioritises hair and scalp health.

Keune has been taking care of hair since 1922. It takes dedication and constant research to continue as a leading haircare brand for almost a century—which is why salons in more than eighty countries are committed to using Keune.

A third generation family owned company based in the Netherlands, Keune speaks the universal language of hair stylists around the globe: quality, fabulous haircare. Products for all different hair types are available.

The Perfect Match For your Hair

As hair stylists, we expect a lot from the hair products we use. Personalised haircare requires understanding the present condition of hair, and adapting your routine to provide nutrients and support through smarter product choices.

If unsure of the best items to support your strands, the Hair Associate team can help. Our love of, and experience with the range means our team can recommend the perfect match for your styling and hair care needs.

We want customers to be able to care for their hair between salon visits. Hair Associate’s professional stylists take pride in our customers looking their best, and Keune is an important part of that process.

We hope you find the Keune product you’re looking for in our store. If you have questions, or are searching for a particular Keune item, contact us for a chat about the best way to nourish your strands.