Summer Hair Care: 5 Essential Tips

Spending all day at the beach or swimming in your neighbour’s pool are essential parts of an Australian summer. We’re taught from a young age to slip, slop, slap! But what about our hair? Yes, that’s right, the sun can also damage your luscious locks. The dry wind, sandy beaches and chlorinated pools also take a toll. But don’t worry, Hair Associates are here to help with five essential tips for summer hair care.

How does summer affect your hair?

We all have different hair, so the summer months may affect some more than others. People with coloured hair may experience increased colour fading, others may experience dryness and frizz. It’s scientifically proven that ultraviolet light can cook the hair shaft (sounds scary, we know). Luckily, it mostly means that your usually smooth and hydrated hair may become rough and dry.

The other summer hair care concern is chlorine exposure. Remember blonde kids in primary school rocking up with green hair? This is caused by pool chemicals binding to the protein in a blonde hair shaft and creating a greenish shade. It’s not just blondes who are affected by pool chemicals. Chlorine strips away the natural protective oils in all hair. Thankfully, there are things you can do to safeguard your hair. After all, pools are an essential part of summer, and we don’t expect you to give up your afternoon dip.

The 5 essential summer hair care tips


Hopefully, we haven’t scared you into thinking you need to hide inside all summer to avoid damaging your hair. It’s important to enjoy the sunshine and fun summer activities, just be mindful of your hair and follow these simple steps:

1.     Trim, trim, trim!

You should always start the sunny season off with a trim. Getting rid of those dead ends can refresh your look. You may find your hair grows more quickly in summer, so it’s important to stay on top of your haircuts. Regular trims will keep your hair looking shiny and hydrated simply by removing the dry dead ends. It also promotes growth and encourages the hair’s natural oil production.

2.     Shield your hair

You can do this in two ways, the first is by applying a daily hair care product that contains UV filters. We love the Keune Sun Shield Oil which comes in a handy spray bottle and creates a protective barrier around each strand. Products such as these lock in moisture and prevent hair from drying out. They also protect colour-processed hair from fading.

The second way to shield your hair is with a hat- simple! A hat creates a physical barrier between your hair and the sun, so protects against those damaging rays. Hats also protect your scalp and ears from getting sunburnt. It’s a win-win situation.

3.     Prepare your hair

This may seem a little odd, but you can protect your hair simply by wetting it with clean water before swimming. For extra protection comb through some leave-in conditioner. It stops your hair from being able to absorb so much saltwater or pool chemicals. It always leaves your hair feeling extra silky once you rinse it off too.

4.     Switch up your shampoo

With all the swimming and sweating we tend to wash our hair more frequently in summer. So, it’s important to use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. We always recommend the Keune Sun Shield shampoo and conditioner. These products both contain UV filters that protect your hair from the damaging sun rays. They also lock in moisture and leave your locks feeling silky and smooth after a day of sun and salt.

5.     Avoid hot tools

While it may not be realistic to completely stop using your hot tools, you should try to limit use in summer. Let your hair air dry instead of blasting it with a hairdryer, rock your natural curls instead of styled ones. Every time you avoid using heat on your hair you are protecting it. If you hate the way your natural hair dries, then try braiding it before bed- you’ll wake up with natural beachy waves (minus the damage).

Keep your hair safe this summer


By following these five simple summer hair care tips you can protect your hair from unnecessary damage. Get in contact today to learn more about summer hair care or book in for your start of season hair refresh!